USPS Employee Casting

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in being part of the USPS® Marketing Campaigns.

Over the course of the year USPS conducts marketing campaigns that need on screen participation from our workforce. Employee submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If selected, travel expenses will be covered by USPS.

To be considered, please complete this form along with uploading a headshot and a video of yourself answering the following questions (1-6). Both headshot and video are required for consideration.


  1. What is your job at the US Postal Service?
  2. What made you apply for USPS in the first place?
  3. Tell us your favorite memory while working for the US Postal Service.
  4. What is the most unexpected or weirdest thing that has happened during your time at USPS?
  5. Show us your surprised look and your smile.


  • Any casting submissions that do not follow the advised format will not be considered.
  • Upon review of your submission, you may be contacted for a 2nd audition.
  • If you are chosen to appear in the campaign, you are responsible to ask your supervisor for time off for the production.
  • Please note if you submit an application and are selected to for the shoot, you will be expected to travel to the final production location.
  • All candidate video submissions will receive an unbiased review.

Wardrobe Information

Video and Headshot Submission

Please do not submit multiple entries. Submitting more than once will not increase the likelihood of being casted.